Individual Health & Dental

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If you’re not covered under a group benefits plan, we can help you with individual health and dental plans designed to help cover out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses. These plans provide various levels of enhanced healthcare protection to help meet your needs at different stages of your life.

Not very many people like going to the dentist, reasons can range from one spectrum to the other, including:

  • The patient’s association to painfulness with dentist check-ups
  • The scary looking tools and utensils
  • The feelings of anxiety and the invasiveness of procedures

If you’re not covered by your employer or by a family members’ Group Benefits Program, you can be paying out the teeth (literally) just to see the dentist!

Without coverage, here’s what a typical visit can cost you:

  • Average cleaning/checkup – $250-$350 per visit
  • Fillings (front tooth) – Up to $100 per tooth
  • Back (back tooth) – Up to $125 per tooth
  • Veneers (depending on the veneer composition) – between $500-$1300 per tooth
  • Wisdom teeth extraction – $200-$500

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