We are excited to offer our plan members a new innovative platform, innoviCares. It allows you remain on participating brand medications at little or no additional cost versus the generic alternative.

innoviCares is a national program that provides Canadians with the choice to stay on original brand name medications by covering up to the cost difference between the bank and the generic alternative.  This enables greater choice and access to medications.

The innoviCares program brings together 19 pharmaceutical companies with nearly 100 brand name medications all on one card, with a growing list of benefits. There are now over 800,000 Canadians using the innoviCares drug benefit card. There is no cost to use the card, it is free.

innoviCares is provided by STI, a healthcare firm that specializes in delivering patient assistance and patient benefit programs across Canada.  They have been focused on solutions that enable and empower people to better manage their health care, by working with the pharmaceutical industry, and health care providers for over 14 years.

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