Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

A Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) was designed to create a sense of partnership between the employer and employees. It is a registered trust with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and must comply with the terms and provisions of the Income Tax Act.

Who is eligible?

  • Eligibility into a DPSP is at the discretion of the employer, Plans such as these are commonly provided to a selected group of employees (e.g. Sales staff).
  • Significant shareholders and their families are not eligible to participate in a DPSP.

What are typical contributions to a DPSP? Are there contribution limits?

  • Contributions into a DPSP are usually 100% employer.
  • Although there is no minimum contribution limit, maximum contributions are to the lesser amount of the 18% of the plan member’s current year compensation or 50% of the Money Purchase Limit ($12,685 for 2015).

Who is responsible for the investments?

  • The plan sponsor provides the fund line-up for the plan member to choose.

Are there any withdrawal restrictions?

  • Any withdrawals are to the discretion of the plan sponsor. If permitted, plan members can make partial withdrawals that are taxed as income.

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