Non-Registered Savings Program

Non-registered savings programs can be used for short-term and/or long term financial goals as well as supplemental retirement income. Employers will usually offer a non-registered savings plan to accommodate “excess” employee contributions, contributions above CRA limits to registered pension plans.

Who is eligible?

  • Eligibility is usually determined by the plan sponsor

What are typical contributions to a NRSP? Are there contribution limits?

  • Both employer and employee are eligible to contribute however the employer has control over the contribution levels.
  • There are no limits to how much can be invested in a Non-registered savings program

Who is responsible for the investments?

  • Employees may choose any of the investments in the plan, however the employer selects the investments available

Are there any withdrawal restrictions?

  • Any withdrawals are determined in the provisions in each plan, employees can usually withdrawal from the plan since the contributions have already been taxed.

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