Travel insurance for Travelling Canadians

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If you’re planning on travelling out of Province or out of Country, Manulife Travel Insurance for Canadians provides a simple and affordable way to protect you against unexpected events that may happen during your trip.

Why do you need travel Insurance?

  • Provincial health care plans only cover a small amount of healthcare expenses incurred outside of Canada and also limits coverage when travelling to another province.

Is there a maximum age limit?

  • There is no age limit.
  • If you are under the age of 60 you are automatically eligible for Travel insurance.
  • If you are over 60 you must complete a medical questionnaire for eligibility.

Where are you going and how long are you going for?

Manulife Travel insurance has two different trip plans depending on where you’re going and how long your trip is:

  • Single-Trip Travel Insurance – Coverage for a single trip of up to 183 days (212 days if your province of residence is Ontario or Newfoundland.
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance – Travel Insurance coverage for multiple trips with a duration of 4, 10, 18 or 30 days occurring within 1 policy year.

What kinds of Travel Insurance Does Manulife Offer?

Manulife offers Travel Insurance for Both emergency medical and non-medical situations that can happen while travelling out of country or out of province:

  • Emergency Medical – Up to $5,000,000 in emergency medical coverage
  • Travel Canada Emergency Medical – Up to $5,000,000 in emergency coverage (applicable only for travelling within Canada)
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption – Up to $5,000 in coverage for a single trip & up to $8,000 in coverage for a Multi-Trip policy year.
  • All-Inclusive – All of the above coverage including:
    • Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay – Lost, Stolen or Damage travel documents and luggage coverage
    • Flight and Travel Accident – Up to $100,000 for Flight Accident & $50,000 for Travel Accident

Travel Coverage for Canadians with medical conditions

Finding Travel Insurance is difficult when you have or have had medical conditions. Many insurance plan designs do not cover pre-existing medical conditions while other plans limit coverage. This leads many Canadians into travelling without insurance.

Manulife TravelEase® coverage is designed to protect you from unexpected medical costs while travelling. TravelEase® offers coverage for most fully disclosed pre-existing health conditions.

Travel coverage for visitors into Canada

Non-Canadians travelling into Canada are not covered by provincial health care. This can lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses should an emergency situation occur here.

Who is eligible?

  • Any non-Canadian travelling into Canada who is not eligible for benefits under a provincial health insurance plan is eligible.
  • You can be in Canada on a work visa or be awaiting government health insurance coverage from a province or territory.

How long can you be covered?

  • You can be covered for up to but no longer than 365 in Canada

Is there a maximum age limit?

  • The maximum age limit for eligibility is 85 years of age.

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